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A wedding day is undeniably about two special people, at the beginning of a new chapter in their love story. So creating perfect stationery,
which is stylish, functional and allows you to savour planning (without drama), makes sense. Right?

Claire Turner, owner of Lily Anna Rose since 2007 – is creative.
Her experience is there to share, and with over 24 years of design and print knowledge, it is plentiful.

The world of Lily Anna Rose not only creates an experience that empowers you but focuses on transforming your dreams
into beautiful aide memoirs –without compromise and mindful of
unnecessary consumption. How do we do this?
Lily Anna Rose listens and accompanies you until the aisle.

At Lily Anna Rose we devote our full attention on a high-quality service to each order and limit commissions. No less than you deserve.


this is personal

Allure guests' by sending elegantly packaged aide memoirs whilst echoing your personality as a couple. Add beautiful calligraphy or personalise each piece by printing names and addresses. Personal touches to an invitation include a calligraphy addressed envelope, ensures the keepsake is treasured – thus savouring the investment.


what is best for 2021

One colour trend for an English wedding for 2021 is presented with azure blues, chalky whites and plenty of wild fauna. Baroque patterns and monograms are a classy addition for glamour. Conception is about being environmentally-conscious – use good-old-fashioned design. What paper is best for wedding invitations? A stiff board is ideal for authentic letterpress printing and hot foiling. Best for 2021 and beyond is embellishment free and recyclable – at some point in the future.

Compare prices before deciding to do-it-yourself


guests expectations

Ideally, invitations along with reply card and a supporting information sheet should be arriving on guests’ doormats with as much notice as possible. A question that is repeatedly asked by clients, 'how long before a wedding should invitations be sent?' There is no right or wrong answer as it depends on your planning agenda. Traditionally 6 weeks is a good time to distribute wedding memoirs. For your far-flung family and friends, it is best to give as much detail of your arrangements to avoid clashes with the diary. Up to 5 months is reasonable – 12 months is acceptable.

Any reputable stationer should be able to advise what is possible for
you budget – without compromising on service


Reply? Or not to reply?

The small but mighty R.S.V.P. is a key device to keep markers on whose attending and who is not. Include a reply card and self-addressed envelope as part of your invitation package – and you can ensure a swift reply response. By adding a stamp (although an extra cost) will also save you precious time and establish your preparations as planned.

The tone of your day has begun and you want guests to feel that this day is exclusive, whilst enticing them to a wedding that they will remember for decades. Less really is more...

Spare your invitation of clutter – and only
include the where, when and who


all in the detail

Your invitation is all about your style – talk to your stationer about what you want. An information sheet would include; time of arrival; venue address; directions with a map and other elements such as a menu; contact details and even your cheeky wedding present request. A beautiful hand-folded information sheet, bound with a band – neatly packed with the reply card reaffirms just how important the recipient is.